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Using AI to increase our understanding of parasite proteins. Limpet™ is a tool to explore, annotate and download protein structures from Leishmania and Trypansomatid species. It was developed in the Jeffares Laboratory by Harry Wilson.


Harry Wilson AMRSB

Lead Developer
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As a Statistical Officer within both the Ministry of Justice and Department for Transport, Harry has previously developed various R Shiny applications for the UK Government. These applications range from surveilling Magistrates' Court performance to monitoring the distribution of railway freight movement across Great Britain. Harry's extensive experience demonstrates his ability to utilise novel analytical tools for efficient, intelligent and informed analysis.

Dr Daniel Jeffares

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Daniel researches molecular evolution, molecular epidemiology and quantitative genetics of microbes. His aim is to understand the interaction between evolutionary processes, demographic change and molecular biology, including host-parasite interactions. He and his team team use genomic technologies, evolutionary biology and quantitative genetics to understand the fundamental biology of microbes. They specifically focus on species that cause global problems such as the pathogen Leishmania which causes the neglected infectious disease leishmaniasis.

Dr João Cunha

Data Consultant
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NOTE TO JOAO: Please give me a bio!

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Highlight specific residue numbers on the protein. (eg. 1-10 or 1 2 3)

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