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The Cloud-SPAN Genomics course teaches data management and analysis for genomics research including:

  • best practices for organization of bioinformatics projects and data,
  • use of command-line utilities to connect to and use cloud computing.
  • use of command-line tools for data preparation and,
  • use of command-line tools to analyse sequence quality and perform variant calling.

We have found that people taking the Genomics course can vary the amount of experience they have had in navigating file systems and using the command line. We have designed the Prenomics course to allow more time for those with less experience to cover some foundation concepts. This self-assessment is intended to help you decide if you would benefit from attending Prenomics before the Genomics course.

You can take the quiz as many times as you like and you do not need to give the results before registering for our courses. The quiz is designed only to help you decide whether the Prenomics course would be useful for you and should take only a few minutes.

Some general questions

Navigating a file system

schematic of a hierachical file system with 6 levels. The top folder is marker 'c:/ or / (root)'; the second levels has one folder called 'Users', the third levels has one folder called 'user1', the fourth levels has two folders, 'docs' and 'programs' and two files 'doc1.txt' and 'image.jpg'. On the fifth level, the file 'doc2.txt' and folder 'data' are under 'docs' and three .exe files are under 'programs'. One the sixth level under 'data' are 'doc3.txt' and 'doc4.txt'

The following questions are based on the file system shown above.


If you got more than one or two of these wrong we suggest that you register for Prenomics. You can either join us at the next online workshop or complete the module via self-study.

See you soon!

Prenomics self-assessment